October 10, 2015

Photobooth in the TARDIS

TARDIS Photobooth

The TARDIS Photobooth was created as an art project complete with a custom made photo taking system. This system produced a live video (see below) to showcase the participants that make up the a festival in north Georgia.

The Parts

The booth was to be constructed using the following components:

– An Intel ATOM PC
– 17″ LCD Monitor
– 7″ LCD Monitor
– Logitech Webcam
– Various electronic components

Photobooth Components Photobooth Components

The Design


The entire system would be run via a micro PC running Windows 7.
The larger monitor would display a video of all the photos already taken.
The smaller monitor would be used to show the current Webcam image.
When the user pressed the large button, the webcam image would be saved and loaded into the video.

The Build

The ATOM PC was configured to run both monitors and respond to user input.

TARDIS Photobooth Computer

For user input a simple tap-light was used.  The internal switch was modified into a momentary switch.

Photobooth Button

Next I built a USB input to accept the tap light command.

Photobooth Input

The finished Button

Photobooth Button

The Video