September 16, 2015

Insteon Mod: Security System

With my love of Automation, I recently began the process of automating my home.  I chose to use the Insteon brand for their large amount of pre-existing devices and app support.  One feature that currently doesn’t exist is the ability to use the system as security system.

I am now building to overcome that limitation.

My design:

Insteon Security System design

The prototype parts:

Insteon Security System

Insteon I/O Link Module
Insteon ON/OFF Module
Arduino UNO
120V Contactor

The concept:

The prototype will be built to overcome the limitation of Insteon devices limited to acting as a responder or controller.

The ON/OFF module will be used to Arm or Disarm the system.

The I/O Module will be used to respond to the Insteon sensors.

The Arduino will sense the trip and activate the alarm.

The project is currently Active.  So check back soon for updates.