September 12, 2015

Nyan Bus


In 2011, I decided to see if I could recreate one of the year’s most favorite Internet cats out of a VW bus as an interactive art piece for an event.  NyanBus was born.


It started with my 1978 VW Transporter (aka the Bus).  The hard part would be how to make a design that required no cutting, drilling, or modification of the bus itself.

IMG_0434 IMG_0410

After 2 days of build, it was finally ready!


Afterwards, everything was taken off, packed inside, then reassembled at the event.

nyanbus-elireimanphoto credit: eli reiman

nyanbus-joemillerphoto credit: joe miller

nyanbus-justinmajorsphoto credit: justin majors


NyanBus 2.0

After the event, I decided that NyanBus could be even better.


New sound system parts.

Building the roof mounted sound box.

Building the rooftop sound box.

More of the sound box build. The hours started going long with the build.

Hours started to get late.

I needed a way to monitor and control the new upgrades as the original bus was never designed to handle this much power.

New systems control panel.

More of the panel build.

Test fitting the box. The design was made to fit without any need to drill into the body.

Test fitting the box.

Installing the goodies


Some event patrons enjoying the completed project.

Some event patrons enjoying the completed project. photo credit: Katie Jam


NyanBus was enjoyed at 3 separate events before I retired the project to begin preparations for its restoration. In those 3 events, NyanBus became a character and mascot. Its one of my favorite art pieces to date.

Video shot by PhotoGnome.