September 6, 2015

Porsche 356 Kit

Picture 35

Its hard to believe that this algae covered bubble gum shell could become a sleek 1950’s replica roadster.

First step: collect all the parts.

Picture 30Picture 001Picture 002

Step 2: Preparing the body and frame.

Picture 79Picture 75Picture 80

Unfortunately the project was not as well documented as my others.  So the next steps will have to come from your imagination:

* Mounting the body to the frame.
* Installing the doors, hood, and engine lid.
* New brake system.
* New steering.
* Rebuilding the axles.

Step n+3: Designing and CADing the wiring.

Porsche Wiring-Model-1

Step n+4: Assembly

Picture 200


After many many years of work, the project is now just on the edge of completion.  The interior, windshield, and top are all that is left untouched.  So check back soon for updates and completion status.

Soon this roadster will meet the open roads.