Unboxing: Sunfounder Arduino Super Kit

Sunfounder Arduino Mega

Shiny new Toys!

Today was the day my childhood arrived in the mail.   Except today it arrived with all of the modern sheen one expects from living in day and age of the Space Future.  This wasn’t the wooden and cardboard 150 n 1 kits of yesteryear, but a shiny new Arduino with all the bells and whistles.  More specifically, it is a Sunfounder branded Arduino Mega.

If you haven’t heard of Arduino, then I can’t recommend enough to check out their product pages.


For the rest of you, lets jump right into what you get with Sunfounder Super Kit.

Sunfounder Super Kit

What awaits us in the box?

Once inside we find everything tucked away in a neat little package.

Sunfounder Super Kit opened box


Sunfounder Super Kit box contents

Moving deeper still, we find that entire kit comes in a nice plastic box that makes a great storage container and travel case.  The book is a bit small but still completely readable.  Even better still is a mini-CD with entire manual in PDF format which I can easily stick on a tablet for easy reading.

Sunfounder Super Kit contents

Inside the plastic case, we find all the meat and potatoes that make this such a great starter kit.  All the parts are nicely wrapped or mounted to prevent damage.  There is even a Resistor Color Code Chart sticker that goes great stuck inside the lid of the case.  Personally I’m really looking forward to quickly learn how to use the 8×8 Dot Matrix Display, LCD Character Display, and Accelerometer.   Now that its open, there’s nothing left to do but dive into my first project.

Sunfounder Arduino Mega

Space Future Candy



Overall I think this is a great kit.  It includes everything you need to get started immediately.   If you want to run the Arduino without a computer, you’ll need to pick up a separate power adapter (either A/C or battery).  Otherwise you can simply use the supplied USB cable and power it from your PC.  All the sample code is found on the micro CD or can be downloaded from sunfounder.com.

The kits runs about $53 if you need an Arduino or $33 if you already have your own.

Sunfounder Super Kit Parts List:

  • Sunfounder branded Arduino Mega
  • USB cable
  • 1x RGB
  • 1x Project Box
  • 40x Pin Header
  • 1x Timer 555
  • 2x Optocoupler 4N35
  • 2x Shift Resister 74HC595N
  • 1x H-Bridge L293D
  • 1x Accelerometer ADXL335
  • 1x Rotary Encoder
  • 5x Push-Button small
  • 8x Resistor ¨C 220 Ohm
  • 4x Resistor ¨C1k Ohm
  • 4x Resistor ¨C10k Ohm
  • 1x Resistor ¨C 1M Ohm
  • 1x Resistor ¨C 5.1M Ohm
  • 1x Switch
  • 1x Trim Pot ¨C 50k
  • 1x LCD Character Display 16×2
  • 1x Dot Matrix Display 8×8
  • 2x 7-Segment Character Display
  • 1x DC Motor
  • 16x LED red
  • 2x LED white
  • 2x LED green
  • 2x LED yellow
  • 2x Transistor NPN
  • 2x Transistor PNP
  • 4x Capacitor Ceramic 100nF
  • 4x Capacitor Ceramic 10nF
  • 4x Diode Rectifier
  • 1x Breadboard
  • 65x Male to Male Jumper Wires
  • 20X Female to Male Dupont wires
  • 1x Piezo Buzzer
  • 1x fan